Empowering Hearing Fitness Professionals to Communicate and Train with Deaf Clients

Worldwide Deaf Gym is dedicated to empowering fitness professionals to communicate and train effectively with Deaf clients. Our Deaf awareness training and sign language training services provide the tools, knowledge, and support needed to attract a wider range of clients, enhance communication skills and advance career opportunities.

Join us today and take advantage of the opportunity to meet our CEO, David Edgington, a Deaf personal trainer with extensive experience in the fitness industry.

Basic British Sign Language

What is Deafness?

Lip Reading

Deaf culture

Tips and Advices

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What you will achieve?

To help you gain an increased understanding of the Deaf and hearing loss spectrum.

Making social impact changes in the fitness industry to effectively support Deaf clients or employees.

Understand that Ddeaf clients can be affected in different ways in the gym environment.

Identify differences in how Ddeaf people may process information.

Our Deaf Awareness Training course covers the following topics to help fitness professionals effectively communicate and train with Deaf clients and employees:

  • Understanding the Deaf community: Learn about the Deaf culture, language, and community to better understand and serve Deaf clients.
  • Communication strategies: Learn various communication strategies, including sign language, to effectively communicate with Deaf clients.
  • Adapting your training: Understand how to adapt your training methods and equipment to cater to the unique needs of Deaf clients.
  • Legal requirements: Learn about the legal requirements for reasonable adjustments for Deaf clients and employees as outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and BSL Act 2022.
  • Inclusive environment: Learn how to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for Deaf clients and employees.
  • Career advancement opportunities: Stand out in the fitness industry by demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and understanding of the Deaf community, leading to potential career advancement opportunities.

Our training is designed to help you expand your client base, comply with legal requirements, promote inclusivity, improve communication, and career advancement opportunities and increase profitability for your business.

 The training made me confident in adapting my classes for Deaf students. Great learning experience!


Yoga instructor

The training helped me understand the needs of the Deaf community and make my classes inclusive. I highly recommend it!


Pilates instructor

 Worldwide Deaf Gym's training helped me communicate better with Deaf clients and expand my client base. Highly recommend it!


Personal trainer

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