Our Pricing Plans

To know more about our weight training classes, you can
contact us on our number.

  Gym and Halls: Will feel like they belong and can relax

  Courts: This gym belongs to our clients

  Swimmingpool: We love to keep it that way for many years to come

  Sauna: All you need to do is contact us

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Gym Memberships

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Home Memberships

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Outdoor Memberships

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Weight Lift With Us

Our gyms are on different locations.



Girl Power

Workout for women.


Cardio Program

For all age groups


Sport Stadium

Rent the stadium or courts by hour.

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Basketball Court Rent


Craig Olson continues to oversee the working of the gym and to ensure that the members can achieve their dream.

  3 courts and additional lockers

  Basket Balls

  Giant Score Table

  Individual Teams

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Cheerleading Practice


Craig is focussing on expanding his gym as it has seen a surge in its membership to stay up lately.

  Getting to know the equipment

  Weather conditions and wind

  Motion techniques

  5h/day practice in the gym hall

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Swimming Pool


Over the year, Craig has worked hard to provide its members with the best of facilities so that they can work in a competitive.


  Electric lock lockers


  Diving board

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