How I overcame my anxiety as a Deaf gym user – By Alex Orlov

Alex Orlov

I’ve been using gyms for around 20 years so far. But I felt pretty anxious
back when I first started working out in one, as an unemployed university
At the time, I was pretty shy and my confidence was at its lowest level
because I was out of work.
I didn’t know how to use the equipment properly or how to make the most
of being in the gym, so I stopped going quite quickly … I also tried to get
into swimming, as well as various cardio activities.
However, I wasn’t getting any proper guidance. I avoided that. I didn’t think
it would help me much.
Instead, I read and researched stuff myself online. Yet this mostly just
ended up making me feel more confused.
That’s why, in around 2016, I began working with a personal trainer (PT).
Yet he was hearing, and I found his communication unclear. He was not
very Deaf-aware. So while he was helpful, I still did not feel fully satisfied.
I could lipread, and so just about managed. but that is never good enough,
of course. I still believed I had the right to the best of all worlds.
This is why eventually I decided I’d only work with trainers who were
themselves hearing impaired or Deaf, or at least very Deaf-aware.
This was also because over the years, I’ve found Deaf people to be very
motivated in helping others who are Deaf. And that can lead to great

I have reached a stage where I feel comfortable using my gym as a Deaf
person, and can get the most out of my time there. However, it hasn’t
always been easy.

What is my advice to you then, to improve your wellness?
Shop around for a Deaf personal trainer who can work with you near you or
online. Ask your friends or go online.
If you don’t find exactly what you want, you can still hire a Deaf-aware PT.
Email or whatsapp me if you think you’d like some more detailed advice
about working out as a Deaf person, or hiring a Deaf-aware PT.
There’s never any reason why a lack of hearing should stand in the way of
your health and fitness goals.

Alex Orlov
07494 763 135 (Whatsapp only)

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